Tattoo Artist in Jaipur

Meet The Tattoo Artist in Jaipur: We all are master of all style of tattooing from free hand work to partials new tattoo to cover-ups and new thing in between they love to laugh and joke while tattooing. They believe it makes you as client order and you can really enjoy the experience of getting tattooed.
"If you are interested in getting free to contact them to discuss your ideas." feel free to experience yourself. Come to the studio and feel different.


She is one of the best female tattoo artist in Jaipur, India and her work has been published in newspaper and magazines as patrika as an art. Student the idea of using the skin as a canvas


She born in Calcutta and brought up in Jaipur. She started tattooing almost six year back in 2009 you guys must be wondering Why so late here is how it goes by qualification. She


Manish is born and brought up in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan. He is famous for painless piercing. He started his profession in 2000. He joined Mafias Studio in 2007. Joining this tattoo


He is born and brought-up in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan. He is specializes in dreadlocks and Hair beading. In beginning of his profession his interest was in body building and he also